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Storage and Administering of Medicines Reminder


Only medicines which have been prescribed for a pupil may be stored in school. They must be in their original container and be complete with the pharmacy dispensing label.

Unless specific consent is given by the Head of School, all medicines must be stored in the office. There is a specified fridge for medicines which must be kept cool, and a clearly labelled, specified drawer for any other medicines which must be kept at ambient temperature. The type of occasions when specific consent may be given would be prescribed emollient cream used as a hand wash in class etc.

Medicines stored in school must be accompanied by a signed consent form from the parent or carer and be entered into the medical register. The member of staff responsible for the medical register is Tracy King.

All medicines held in school are checked half termly and any items which are nearing or have passed their expiry date are returned to the parent or carer. Where a child is no longer on roll, the medicine will be returned to a pharmacy for safe destruction.


Only prescribed medicines may be administered to pupils in school. This is so we know they are safe for the child and are administered as per the instructions of a medical professional. The parent or carer must sign a consent form allowing us to administer the medicine. The medicine must be in its original container and be complete with the pharmacy dispensing label clearly showing the child’s name and dosing instructions. Before administering any medicine (including inhalers, creams, tablets, suspensions, and epi-pens) you must read and check the following together with a second member of staff:


The consent form is signed and complete

The child’s name

The type of medicine

The expiry date

The correct dose

The method of administration

Any other instructions (spacing around meals etc)


Once the identification of the pupil and the medication has been double checked, it may be safely administered. Both members of staff must be present and both members of staff must sign the entry in the medical register. The child should be continued to be monitored in class for any signs of a reaction to the medicine and any such incidents must be recorded in the medical register and the parent or carer advised.