Curriculum Overview – Year 2

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Spring 2

KS1 Knowledge Organiser Spring 2

Space Words Spring 2 Lithuanian & Polish

Space POLISH Spring 2

Space LITHUANIAN Spring 2

Spring 1

Spring 1 Parent Overview KS1 overview

Rapunzel ENGLISH Spring KSI

Rapunzel Words KS1 Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser Lithuanian & Polish

Autumn Part 2

Traction Man POLISH Knowledge organiser

Traction Man LITHUANIAN Knowledge organiser

Traction Man ENGLISH Knowledge organiser

Autumn 2 Parent Overview

Autumn Part 1

Autumn 1 Parent Overview


Please see information below about how we teach your child to read at school.

How we teach Reading

Please see below for information and activities to help prepare your child for assessment

Year 2 National Curriculum Assessment Information

common exception words

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100 square

Number formation

Times tables

Maths activities in the kitchen

Please find below Teacher Assessment presentation

Y2 parent assessment meeting